The Constabulary forces had a distinctive uniform that distinguished from them other army personnel. First, their highly shellacked helmet liners (which looked black) had a blue stripe sandwiched between two bright yellow stripes, and the Constabulary insignia on the liner front. While on duty, they wore yellow scarves, and specially designed boots. The boots were old-style cavalry boots that were cut down, and worn with the pants legs bloused, like paratroopers. The mounted and motorcycle troopers wore the three-buckle cavalry boots, and the mounted troops wore the pre-war riding breeches with four-pocket blouses. All personnel also wore leather belts, holsters, and accessories. The Germans referred to the Constabulary as the "Lightning Police", while the U.S. servicemen referred to the Constabulary as the "Circle 'C' Cowboys".

A Constabulary helmet liner for an EM

A Constabulary helmet liner for a 2nd Lieutenant

A Constabulary helmet liner for a Major

This 1st Lt's liner is unique in that the squadron insignia are painted on, rather than decals, as was common throughout the Army at the time